Parachuting For Charity!

First time i did a parachute jump for charity, i remember how i was told about the emergency chute that should the main chute fail this emergency chute never fails.

then the thought, why dont we use the chute that never fails first and keep the one that might for second !!!!!!

School Days are the best days of our lives.

I met my husband at Scotter County Primary School when I was 5 years of age. We started school the same day and both liked each other. We both played sport,liked the same things ,and were captains of sports teams and as teenagers both played Tennis and Badminton. We still play Tennis together and have been married 33 years to date.

We have 2 sons who both play tennis and badminton live in Scotter and went to the same schools as we did. Scotter Village is a great place to live and we still have connections with the school.

Wonderful memories ,school days are the best days of our lives.

Sue Mumby

Going to The Kinema

I remember going to the Kinema In The Woods for the first time. It was an  absolute culture shock!! Coming from a town with multi-plex cinema’s with  glossy marketing and expensive food it was unreal having an interval in the middle of the show!
When the organist came up from the floor I was stunned!!

Exotic Lincolnshire

Chapel St Leonards 1959. I'm far right with my brother Martin, mother and late grandmother

Chapel St Leonards 1959. I’m far right with my brother Martin, mother and late grandmother

As a boy growing up in rural Nottinghamshire in the late 1950’s and through the 60’s I always knew Lincolnshire as the exotic place we visited at weekends.

My family would spend a lot of time at Trusthorpe Hall near Mablethorpe where we had access to two static caravans every other week.

The journey to the Lincolnshire coast took two hours which seemed like an eternity to the very young. A café stop at Tattershall relieved the monotony and from then on it was simply a case of waiting for my mother to “smell the sea air”.

It was a time of simple pleasures. No one ever seemed to complain about the temperature of the North Sea and early in the year the pool at Trusthorpe was often covered in a film of Autumn leaves and winter debris. There was somewhere different to go each day although Chapel St Leonards and Sutton on Sea were the most popular. At Sutton we would spend our days alternating between the beach and the Mapleleaf paddling pool.

On special days we might go for a day trip to Butlins and very occasionally, when we had been everywhere else, we would travel to the wilderness of Anderby Creek.

My favourite evenings involved a bag of chips which I recollect my parents saying were expensive at 4d. Like most parents they also complained about the cost of ice cream which as far as I could see was part of the daily diet in Lincolnshire. Lyons Maid was the dominant brand – available virtually everywhere.

I still travel to the Lincolnshire coast and although much has changed it continues to evoke powerful memories of a wonderful childhood.

John Slater, Allington, Lincolnshire

A Welcome Home from Old Friends!

Red-Arrows-3In the 1980’s, my wife and I moved back to our native Lincolnshire from Cirencester in Gloucestershire. Some months earlier the RAF Red Arrows had moved their base from Kemble near Cirencester to Scampton.

On the day we moved into our new home in Hackthorn, the Red Arrows were practicing their display in a clear blue sky above the village.

It was like a welcome home from old friends!

The Summer of 76 From Fiona White

On a rainy summer day like today I’m thinking back to the summer of 1976 when the sun blasted down and as a 7 year old girl I spent most of my summer licking ice lollies and squishing the melting tarmac under my feet. In Sleaford the river Slea gradually disappeared until all that was left was deep cracks on the muddy bottom. We had great fun walking on the river without getting wet!

Moving To Tattershall In Lincolnshire

good lanc My wife and I first viewed, what was to become our new home, over four years ago one Saturday afternoon.  We had driven up from Milton Keynes having seen the details on the Internet and having only ever visited the county for a few weeks in summer many years previously.

As we came into the driveway of  the bungalow we were struck by the quietness of the area and the room you got for your money when buying houses in Lincolnshire as compared to what we were used to in Milton Keynes. From the first turn of the key in the front door this felt like our new home, we walked through the house and stood in the back garden. As we were checking out the garden the sound of engines could be heard, I pulled out my Camera Phone and took the image that is featured on this post.

That view sold us on the house and put in progress our move from Buckinghamshire to Lincolnshire.

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