Moving To Tattershall In Lincolnshire

good lanc My wife and I first viewed, what was to become our new home, over four years ago one Saturday afternoon.  We had driven up from Milton Keynes having seen the details on the Internet and having only ever visited the county for a few weeks in summer many years previously.

As we came into the driveway of  the bungalow we were struck by the quietness of the area and the room you got for your money when buying houses in Lincolnshire as compared to what we were used to in Milton Keynes. From the first turn of the key in the front door this felt like our new home, we walked through the house and stood in the back garden. As we were checking out the garden the sound of engines could be heard, I pulled out my Camera Phone and took the image that is featured on this post.

That view sold us on the house and put in progress our move from Buckinghamshire to Lincolnshire.

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