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Chapel St Leonards 1959. I'm far right with my brother Martin, mother and late grandmother

Chapel St Leonards 1959. I’m far right with my brother Martin, mother and late grandmother

As a boy growing up in rural Nottinghamshire in the late 1950’s and through the 60’s I always knew Lincolnshire as the exotic place we visited at weekends.

My family would spend a lot of time at Trusthorpe Hall near Mablethorpe where we had access to two static caravans every other week.

The journey to the Lincolnshire coast took two hours which seemed like an eternity to the very young. A café stop at Tattershall relieved the monotony and from then on it was simply a case of waiting for my mother to “smell the sea air”.

It was a time of simple pleasures. No one ever seemed to complain about the temperature of the North Sea and early in the year the pool at Trusthorpe was often covered in a film of Autumn leaves and winter debris. There was somewhere different to go each day although Chapel St Leonards and Sutton on Sea were the most popular. At Sutton we would spend our days alternating between the beach and the Mapleleaf paddling pool.

On special days we might go for a day trip to Butlins and very occasionally, when we had been everywhere else, we would travel to the wilderness of Anderby Creek.

My favourite evenings involved a bag of chips which I recollect my parents saying were expensive at 4d. Like most parents they also complained about the cost of ice cream which as far as I could see was part of the daily diet in Lincolnshire. Lyons Maid was the dominant brand – available virtually everywhere.

I still travel to the Lincolnshire coast and although much has changed it continues to evoke powerful memories of a wonderful childhood.

John Slater, Allington, Lincolnshire

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