Child hood war time memories…


I remember during the war having to take my Gas Mask everywhere with me, they were horrible smelly things, my first school was Mount Street off Burton Road, and there was a huge hill in the playground which was actually an air raid shelter and I am informed it is still there with a tree growing on top of it, I have been invited to go and see it which I intend to do at some point, all the school fitted in this shelter by the way.



One of our jobs my Brothers and I was to go and pick up the weekend joint from Tinkers the Butchers on union Road and pay the bill for the week. When sweets were on ration we used to go to our local chimney sweeps house on a Sunday after Sunday School with some money and sweet coupons and and make our choice for the week, his front room was piled up with sweets.

Anne Munn, was Baumber.

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