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Changing times at Hemswell

thorI was born in 1927 at Harpswell.  When I was 8 years old I rememberHemswell aerodrome being built in 1935. I have seen it go from Blenheim bombers,to Hampdens Wellingtons and Lancasters and Lincolns. It then became a new village named Hemswell Cliff.It is now a thriving diverse industrial and residential community.This seems very different from the period after the aircraft left,when it was a mother base for nuclear Thor rockets and its store of nuclear warheads.

The Steelworks…

The steelworks lingers in my memories as a place I started out working and got my apprenticeship and technical training.

Child hood war time memories…


I remember during the war having to take my Gas Mask everywhere with me, they were horrible smelly things, my first school was Mount Street off Burton Road, and there was a huge hill in the playground which was actually an air raid shelter and I am informed it is still there with a tree growing on top of it, I have been invited to go and see it which I intend to do at some point, all the school fitted in this shelter by the way.



One of our jobs my Brothers and I was to go and pick up the weekend joint from Tinkers the Butchers on union Road and pay the bill for the week. When sweets were on ration we used to go to our local chimney sweeps house on a Sunday after Sunday School with some money and sweet coupons and and make our choice for the week, his front room was piled up with sweets.

Anne Munn, was Baumber.

The Circle of Life!

mikes fatherIt’s hard to believe in today’s politically correct health conscious society, an adult could possibly say to an 11 year old boy, ‘The best thing you could do lad, is have a pint of ale and a pipe full of tobacco’.

Rightly or wrongly, this was the advice given by my Great Grandfather Herbert Wright to my father Horace Spencer in 1906! There was however a sound reason for this advice and I’m quite sure the old man had his son’s best interests at heart.

In 1895, Herbert Wright was the landlord of the ‘Railway Inn’ at StowPark on the B1500 – between Sturton-by-Stow and Gainsborough, now a private house. He was also a dealer in ‘fallen’, or dead animals, known as ‘The Cad Man’, or ‘Knackerman’. Most villages had one, as the density of farm animals was much greater then, than today. With no mechanical transport, all movements of carcasses were by horse and cart. As one might imagine, loading a dead horse or cow weighing half a ton or more, on to a cart three to four feet off the ground, presented somewhat of a problem. Knackermen were an enterprising breed, and soon devised specially adapted two wheeled ‘Knackers’ carts to ease the operation.

Once in the yard, the carcass was carefully dismembered, the skin going to a tannery, the better bones were sent to a cutlery factory for handles and the remainder was boiled to make tallow glue, or fertilizer, nothing was wasted! Local footballers were known to visit the yard, to soak their boots in the oil to keep them supple and buy ‘Horse Liniment’ to rub on their aching joints. Continue Reading →

Holidaying away !!

In 2005 I went on a fantastic holiday on the tall ships where I went from Southampton to Portsmouth for 5 days. On the Tuesday I took part in a re-enactment of the battle of Trafalgar and we saw the Queen arrive on HMS  Endurance.

I saw the best firework display I’ve ever seen.

Sam Jervis

The Last Flying Vulcan!

Driving home recently and seeing the Vulcan swooping low over Sudbrooke – unexpected and wonderful!


Dave Black

Childhood In Laughton Forest

As a child, I frequently visited Laughton Forest with some family friends to walk their dog. It was such a beautiful and diverse environment, with thick wooded areas, sand dunes and even a lake or two.

We used to go for long walks following the many designated tracks and have picnics half way round. There was even a man-made tire swing in the car park area which I remember using a lot, only for it to disappear for long periods (presumably broken) and then re-appear as someone made another.

However now a lot of the area has became privatised, so walkers have very limited access to the forest compared to when I was a young child. So now Laughton Forest remains a memory of my childhood, but a fond one at that.

Childhood Perception……

I remember when I was little riding my bike around the local area with my dad. Just outside our village is what felt like a huge hill to a 6yr old and it was really hard work to pedal up (and caused some nasty injuries if you fell off coming down it!).

Now nearly 20 years later it is nothing more than a gentle slope! Always makes me think that what you remember as a child is not necessarily accurate…

Catherine Bywood

Parachuting For Charity!

First time i did a parachute jump for charity, i remember how i was told about the emergency chute that should the main chute fail this emergency chute never fails.

then the thought, why dont we use the chute that never fails first and keep the one that might for second !!!!!!

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