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Inspiration !

Avro Vulcan V Bomber by Steve Slater on Flickr

Vulcan by Steve Slater on Flickr

My dad was in the RAF and had very little interest in aircraft, nor did I until one day I went to a disused airbase in Lincolnshire. Standing on the old runway was so poignant, I am now an active supporter of the Vulcan to sky efforts.

Living in Sleaford……………

Lincolnshire is very interesting there is lots of history lots of lovely walks Lincoln town is very interesting with the church. I like living in Sleaford lots of lovely walks in Sleaford I have lived in Sleaford for 19 years and find it very interesting.


Patricia Gould

What a long day that was…

long day

We walked back to Metheringham and as both our mum’s worked locally we had to avoid being spotted so we took shelter in an outbuilding at the Londesborough Arms Pub. Then to my dismay who should pass by but my mum’s friend who said “What are you doing here?” I asked her not to tell my mum and to this day she never did.

We then walked up to my friend’s house just before the school bus arrived back in the village and as her mum was still at work and put the kettle on for a drink. Thinking we had well got away with the day off. When her mum came home she clocked on to what we had done as the kettle was still hot.

What a long day that was….

Tracy Ingram

The Summer of 76 From Fiona White

On a rainy summer day like today I’m thinking back to the summer of 1976 when the sun blasted down and as a 7 year old girl I spent most of my summer licking ice lollies and squishing the melting tarmac under my feet. In Sleaford the river Slea gradually disappeared until all that was left was deep cracks on the muddy bottom. We had great fun walking on the river without getting wet!

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