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My first dance lesson!


I remember well the first time i ever went dancing in Woodhall SPA, I felt that i had two left feet!

(This young lady is now over  75 years old and still goes!)

Farewell & thanks for the memories!


This is more of a recent ‘memory’ that I will look at in the future as I will be leaving to live in America soon after living in Lincolnshire for 14 years. This picture was taken in early September 2013 and this location is at the back of where we are staying temporarily and we watched the farmer as he harvested and then ‘shoot’ the bales out the back! Very interesting.


Jenny, Louth

The seaside as it should be!


skeggy beach

I am “over 39” and moved to England a while ago via America, Canada and various other locations. I now live on the south coast and spend quite some time in Southsea.  This week was my first visit to Lincolnshire and in particular, Skegness. I must say I was totally enthralled by it, the arcades and donkey rides and a clean sandy beach. This is what a proper seaside town should look like!!


The day Glastonbury came to Lincolnshire!

Conscious of revealing my age, does anyone else remember when Glastonbury came to Lincolnshire?

bardney festival line up

Actually,  the hamlet of Tupholme near Bardney to be precise! It was the bank holiday weekend at the end of May 1972, fields full of cars, tents, caravans and VW camper vans. The event – The Great Western Express Festival l fronted by a consortium led by the late Sir Stanley Baker (actor) and Lord Harlech and with a line up to envy any current day event. With the likes of Rory Gallagher, Nazareth, Roxy Music, Wishbone Ash, Helen Reddy, The Strawbs, The Faces, Spencer Davis, Lindisfarne, Average White Band, Slade, The Beach Boys, Genesis, Status Quo,  Don McLean; Humble Pie,and Joe Cocker, the three day event was a boy’s dream 12th birthday present!

With the festival being held on farmland worked by my grandparents and uncle’s, access to ALL area’s was a status granted  to my sister and I. Whilst our home was in Bardney, where reaction was divided about all the anticipated damage and it’s about time something good came to the area, we stayed that weekend at our grandparents home on the Tupholme farm. What an experience. Stanley Baker’s son Martin had breakfast with us each morning and used to turn up with a tray of yoghurts. Surprising what silly little bits you remember. Like his father he was a gentleman and treated my gran like royalty. Sir Stanley called at the house daily with some item or another, be it flowers, chocolates or bottled refreshment or a mixture of all, but stayed in a Billy Smarts Circus ‘caravan’ – well a mobile home to die for – parked in the entrance to Tupholme Hall farmyard. I was privileged to visit his caravan and to a boy of 12 it was like nothing I had ever seen before and I guess never will again.

Then there was the festival itself. WOW! I was allowed to enter the back stage area and introduced to various acts as they came off stage or were going on, names I had no idea who they were or how famous they were or would be in the music industry. But the highlight had to be being on the back of the stage on Sunday 28th as my 12th birthday treat, whilst Slade performed their set. What a memory! BRILLIANT! Even now it gives me goose bumps thinking about being so close to the band and then at the end Noddy Holder shaking my hand wishing me a happy birthday and asking whether they’d performed well enough!!!! Errr, what do you reply to that? I know I babbled out a few words but was so excited I know I wouldn’t have made any sense. To see all of this going on in the surrounds of our childhood Tupholme Hall grounds was unbelievable and what dreams are made of.

I could write on about many other memories of that weekend, but I know Ian will be counting the amount of text, so I’ll end here! But thanks Noddy and the guys for that day of wonderful memories and thanks to Martin for being so kind to our family and giving us all wonderful memories of Tupholme’s own Pop Festival.

Reg Burrell

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Reminiscence of Woodhall Spa.

“I’ve never lived in Woodhall Spa but it has always had a special place in my heart, We use to come to the Kinema in the woods to see films as children and now go to the Petwood every year to celebrate my mother’s birthday. The most important memory I have of Woodhall Spa is quite recent – Seven yekinemaoldars ago I introduced my now husband to my parents for the first time. He was so nervous he hardly spoke and I can remember my dad giving him a bit of a hard time. Now of course they are the best of friends!”

Rebecca Bewick

Dad was a POW……….

cottage museum session

3 yrs ago Gill set up the display for the Cottage Museum. Gill had a lot of stuff fro her father was a POW so Gill displayed the postcards drawn in the camp drawn by the actor Michael Goodliff. This all went into the cabinet at the museum – Someone came to the museum 6 weeks later a gentleman left information about his father who was in the same camp. Gill got in contact and it turned out that the gentleman was a professional musician as was Gill’s father and they knew each other. The gentleman had notebooks and images relating to her father. There are inverted British Isles as clouds in the sky of the postcards and that is how the gentleman (from Yorkshire) who visited the museum. The camp was not liberated until 1945 – It is funny how things come about.

Gill Noble

My treasured Bud Vase

Margaret’s husband mother was called Priscilla and his aunt was Grace –

bud vase

She was named after Grace Maple (Lady Wigel). Margaret’s Husband use to garden at the Petwood and the W were very generous to their staff. When Grace was born, Lady W to be Godmother which she accepted to Grace Odling and she gave the vase as a Christening present.

To Margaret the vase means – “It’s lovely to have something that takes me back to the time when Woodhall Spa was in it heyday and to know the heyday”. “It’s not mine it is my daughter’s”.

The vase will go on Margaret’s daughter’s wedding cake if she gets married.


Meccano Fair Skegness

International Meccano Exhibition at Embassy Theatre Skegness during SO Festival 2013

We emigrated to Canada a while ago but every year we seem to have to come back to Skegness and Lincolnshire. This year we didn’t think we would make it but a relative in Hampshire invited us over for a wedding. We flew down for that and came up here afterwards.


Summer holidays in Bilsby

Old map of BilsbyMy childhood memories living in Bilsby were the summer holidays, six glorious weeks. There were no buses, but on summer holidays Lancaster buses came to the rescue running a service every day to Sutton-on-sea. I remember one time it came on to rain, not rain, it tipped it down, so everyone decided to get on the next bus, bad idea, we were standing right up to the door. When anyone  wanted to get off.

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