Over the next few years Superfast broadband will be arriving right across Lincolnshire. By 2016 around 90 per cent of the county will have superfast broadband. People will be able to stream HD movies, download music in seconds, play online games and keep in touch with friends and family via video calls. Businesses will enjoy improved efficiency, better connections with customers and exposure to an expanding global market.

Whilst the arrival of this technology has the ability to transform peoples lives it can also result in a digital divide where those people without any knowledge or experience of broadband technologies find it hard to make use of the new services.

Onlincolnshire, part of Lincolnshire County Council, is at the heart of the broadband roll out and for making the technology available to the residents of the county.  In trying to achieve this ambition it is important to recognise that support and education is also needed to ensure success. Onlincolnshire has therefore collaborated with Community Lincs to provide a range of opportunities to deliver training and advice to those that need it.

In many cases this will involve elderly residents and the programme will commence with Lincolnshire Online week on 1st July. Details of this and other activities can be found on our calendar page.

This website has been set up to record a little personal history of Lincolnshire. When people participate in one of our activities they will be invited to contribute a memory of Lincolnshire to the site. Their contribution can be published almost instantly and they will have made a digital contribution to the development of what we hope will become a useful on-line resource.

Anyone can become involved. Even if you don’t or can’t participate in any of the events you can still contribute to the site using our submission form.


Onlincolnshire is part of Lincolnshire County Council, working with partner organisations to promote good connections between people, services, communities and places. Lincolnshire County Council and the seven District Councils are providing public funds for the Lincolnshire broadband programme  Our vision is to transform lives and life chances through the availability and use of digital technologies.

Community Lincs

Established in 1927, Community Lincs is a Lincolnshire charity working to sustain and improve the quality of life for individuals and communities across the county.  Community Lincs has used its extensive knowledge of Lincolnshire’s communities to develop a range of projects and support services. This support helps local groups and volunteers to provide services and facilities within their communities.

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