A familiar face??

richard todd


During – as far as I can recall – the early 1980’s my work took me to most towns in Lincolnshire, including Grantham twice weekly. My lunch time ritual was always the same, park the car in the market place, buy a salad bap from ‘Dave’s’ caravan and sit and eat it as I  ‘scanned’ the Daily Telegraph.

One particular day, parked outside Paddy’s fish bar – which at the time was selling shark and chips – I became aware of a short, elderly, grey haired man standing on the footpath, dressed in a rather ‘shabby’ Gabardine Mac. It was one of those moments we all have from time to time, “I know that face?”

After a number of furtive glances, he became aware of my interest, smiled broadly and nodded. Instantly recognising him I smiled and waved, with a mixture of amazement and embarrassment. For some unknown reason I was unable look at him again.

I have always bitterly regretted not being able to summon up enough courage to walk over and shake his hand.

Oh, yes, his name? Richard Todd.



Mike Spencer, Brattleby.

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