Grantham Library work memories…..

grantham libraryIn the 1980`s I was a member of staff at Grantham Library which at that time was located in the building which now houses Grantham  Museum.

One lunchtime the staff decided to treat themselves to a tasty lunch from the Kentucky Fried Chicken shop in London Road. One of the staff trotted off and soon returned with 6 boxes of chicken and chips which smelled delicious. I opened my box and discovered that besides the food it contained a small sachet of what I thought was vinegar. I opened it and liberally scattered the contents on the food. Disaster!! It wasn!t vinegar but a sachet of handwash! Did my colleagues make consoling noises? Of course not! They laughed until the tears ran down their cheeks! Even now decades later when we meet up for a get together someone will say “Do you remember when Betty did……..”.

Betty Elmer, ex Grantham Library and traditional storyteller.

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